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Vigas 40 Puukattila



Product no.: ZENVI040
Manufacturer: VIGAS
Output: 25 KW
normal price 2,325 €
our price without Tax : 2,325 €
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2,790 €

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Technical description and construction of boilers

Thermal boilers VIGAS 16, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100 is intended for the combustion of dry wood sawdust from the logs in the length dimension of the gasification chamber and a maximum diameter of 20 cm. Sawdust, shavings, chips and cuttings must be fired with logs. Hot water boiler VIGAS 29 UD is designed to burn lignite (cube). As a substitute fuel can be used dry wood mass.

Hot water boiler VIGAS 18 DP is designed to burn pellets with a diameter of 6-8 mm and a length of 30 mm and a dry wood chips from logs after a length up to 440 mm and a maximum diameter of 20 cm. Sawdust, shavings, chips and cuttings must be fired with logs.

Boilers are welded from steel sheets 4 and 6 mm. The inner plates of boilers, which are in contact with the flue gas have a wall thickness of 6 mm. The heat exchanger is welded from steel tubes 57x 4.5 mm. Depending on the type of boiler, the heat exchanger constructed as a single row for boilers VIGAS 16, 25.40, or double-breasted boiler VIGAS UD 29, 60, 80, 25 and 18 TOR DP. The boilers VIGAS 100 is used three-row heat exchanger.

VIGAS boilers are equipped with a heat exchanger to prevent overheating of the boiler. Exchanger is made of copper tubes with a diameter of 18 mm.

Boilers are welded by hand welded by MIG under CO2. Boilers welded to robotic workplaces are welded with MAG.

The outer shell is made of 0.8 mm sheet. The surface treatment of the outer jacket is employed powder coated baked out at 200 ° C. The combustion chamber is lined with fireclay bricks 40 mm thickness labeled P4. The bottom of the reservoir chamber is filled with a mixture of fireproof marking NA 1250. fireproof removable nozzle is made of a material bearing NA 1400 for supplying the required amount of combustion air The blowing fan. VIGAS for boilers 60, 80, 100 uses two fans connected in parallel. At the door seal is used fiberglass square section with dimensions of 25mm. To seal the lid exchanger is used fiberglass circular cross section with a diameter of 8 mm.

Thermal insulation of the boiler consists of insulation material NOBASIL thickness of 20 mm and 40 mm. The flue gases are discharged through steel neck with a diameter of 159 mm for VIGAS 16, 25, UD29, hot 25, DP 18 and 196 mm for VIGAS 40, 60, 80, 100th